Adhesion technology produced as a result of our incessant R&D activities!
Kuraray's proprietary MDP adhesive phosphate monomer contributes to the development of today's dentistry by providing exceptional durability and bonding.

Our dental materials business started when we established in Japan the “GK-101 ” dental treatment system. This was a product that was developed in the U.S. early in the 1970’s to selectively remove caries with medication. Recognizing that it is essential to have an adhesive material that can be placed in cavities without having to use a retention form, we began considering development of this kind of material on our own. In 1978, as a result of our efforts, we were able to develop Phenyl-P, a phosphate ester adhesive monomer. Even after that success, we wanted to develop a higher level adhesive monomer. We continued to analyze the chemical structure of adhesive monomers at the molecular level. This finally paid off with the development of 10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate (MDP), a phosphate ester adhesive monomer that came out of integrations within our adhesive technology. Almost all our cement products released after the launch of PANAVIATM EX in 1983 and bond products released after the launch of CLEARFILTM NEW BOND in 1984 contain MDP. Our cement and bond products containing MDP provide superior bonding to metal and zirconia, as well as to tooth structure and are very durable in a wet environment, such as the oral cavity.

Reproducing natural-looking colors of teeth by taking advantage of the ceramics production technology accumulated through the manufacture of prestigious ceramics and tableware.

We are also focusing on the R&D of new materials for esthetic restorative applications. At the heart of this research is Noritake Company Limited’s ceramics production technology, accumulated through the manufacture of prestigious ceramics and tableware. The company has supplied a variety of esthetic restoration dental products, since its first commercialization of dental plaster in Japan in 1939, including Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3, investment materials and metals. We have recently started producing and marketing dental CAD/CAM-related equipment, zirconia discs and porcelain products for zirconia frameworks. We are listening carefully to voices from dental care service providers and we are committed to continuing to develop better products to improve patients’ QOL.