Examples of
the use of stain

Anterior Tooth

Anterior Tooth

Posterior tooth

Posterior tooth
FC Paste Stain External Stain
Anterior tooth Posterior tooth Anterior tooth Posterior tooth
Incisal Stain Grayish Blue Grayish Blue Gray : Blue = 1 : 1 Gray : Blue = 1 : 1
Body Stain A+ A+ A+ A+
Cervical Stain A+ A+ A+ A+

*Please replace A + to others (B +, C + or D +) corresponding to each shade as needed.

FC Paste Stain 3g/5g(Glaze,Clear Glaze)

FC Paste Stain

Extrenal Stain 3g/(Glaze,FL Glaze,VC Glaze:10g)/(Glaze:30g)

Extrenal Stain

FL Glaze is a colorless and transparent glaze powder containing
High fluorescence.VC Glaze is a dentine colored glaze.