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Dual-cure (light- and/or self-cure), radiopaque self-adhesive resin cement
PANAVIA SA CEMENT AUTOMIX is a self-adhesive resin cement that features a dual-cure (light- and/or self-cure) formulation; auto-mix delivery, and is fluoride-releasing. It has been developed for cementing indirect restorations made of metal, all-ceramic (Zirconia, Alumina), hybrid ceramics (e.g. ESTANIA C&B) or composite. PANAVIA SA CEMENT AUTOMIX does not require phosphoric acid treatment or any special primer or adhesive for bonding to tooth structures. This simplified self-adhesive resin cement provides a relatively higher level of adhesion and mechanical strength compared with other general-purpose cements (such as other self-adhesive cements, glass ionomer cements, resin-modified glass ionomer cements, zinc phosphate cements, or polycarboxylate cements); thereby resolving problems encountered with complicated procedures and insufficient bond strength in the cementing of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, or fixing prefabricated dental posts in daily clinical cases. PANAVIA SA CEMENT AUTOMIX is rarely affected by the dryness on the adherent surface of the tooth structure or the bond strength due to Kuraray’s adhesion technology (based on an proprietary adhesive phosphate monomer). In addition, the water absorption of PANAVIA SA CEMENT AUTOMIX is lower than that of general luting cements and thereby is very forgiving of clinical technique. Furthermore, this reliable and simplified self-adhesive cement offers unrivaled easy removal of excess cement. This makes it possible to achieve easier clean-up with short chair time and without damaging the gingival.

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