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Dual-cure radiopaque resin-based cement system
A significant increase in ceramic (incl. zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide) restorations has been noted in recent years, as has the steady rise of metal free restorations. A trend which will continue to gather force. CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT has been developed against this background. CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT is available in 5 color shades which can be used with CLEARFIL CERAMIC PRIMER to offer strong adhesion to esthetic materials.

The cement offers a dual-curing system; the self-curing system reduces the polymerization stress in the adhesion interface due to the self-etching primer “ED Primer II” including accelerators, and the light-curing generates good marginal sealing of the restoration and high wear resistance of the cement surface. The practical TRY IN PASTEs in identical colors allow you to test the color you wish to use for the restoration. The TRY IN PASTE can be easily and quickly washed away. The practical automix syringe automatically mixes the two pastes of the cement. The cement can be applied directly in the restoration causing nearly no air bubbles.

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