KATANA Zirconia

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KATANA Zirconia
KATANA Zirconia block

Maximize efficiency and utility with this 5-axis ATC-equipped milling machine.

Size Block W 43mm x H 76mm x D 20mm
Disc 98.5mm x t: 10mm, 14mm,18mm, 22mm, 26mm
Shade Pre-colored
(Disc 4 shades: KD10, KD12, KD13, KD15 / L-Block 9 shades : KT10-KT18)
  • Appropriate hardness for milling, avoids chipping
  • Advanced ceramic technology
  • Esthetic translucency
  • Stable baking shrinkage
  • High flexural strength (1,200MPa)

KATANA Zirconia

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