KATANA Zirconia Material (ML / HT)

  • Translucency & Pre-colored Technology
  • Translucency & Pre-colored Shade
  • Transformation
  • Line-up
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Collaboration between High Translusency & Pre-colored Technology

  • Multi Layered, KATANA Zirconia (ML)

    Specialized for FCZ (Full Contour Zirconia)

    Multi Layered, KATANA Zirconia (ML)
  • Translucency of 1.0mm thickness

    Translucency of 1.0mm thickness
  • Translucency parameter

    Translucency parameter

    Quoted from Prof. Ban of Aichi Gakuin Univ.
    the Conference of Japan Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry, Tokyo, 2013

Instruction / MSDS

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