CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond

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CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond is a single-component, light-cure bonding agent indicated for all direct and indirect restorations in combination with three etching techniques (Total-Etch, Self-Etch or Selective-Etch). The adhesive is also indicated for the surface treatment of zirconia and silica-based glass ceramics (ex. lithium disilicate). CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond can be mixed with CLEARFIL™ DC Activator to become a dual-cure adhesive, thereby making this product truly “Universal” for all etching and restorative needs. *1 *1: CLEARFIL DC Activator is NOT needed when used with CLEARFILTM DC CORE PLUS/ PANAVIA™ SA CEMENT and PANAVIA™ SA CEMENT Plus. CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond is widen the scope of choices available to clinical situation from CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Bottle and CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Unit Dose.

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