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Dual-cured (light-cured with self-curing property), radiopaque two-component core buld-up material supplied in an automix delivery system
CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS is a dual-cure (light-cure with self-curing property) two-component core build-up material supplied in an automix delivery system for esthetic and reliable restorations. The self-curing property of this new core material is the perfect solution for these areas of root canal which are not accessible for light. For all other areas you can speed up the curing time by light-curing.

For core build-up restorations, it is essential to reduce the risk of contamination by a short and easy application procedure. CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS is designed for your stress-less restoration thanks to simplified procedure and optimal paste handling. For all steps, applying to root canal and core build-up, you can easily use only one mixing tip – thanks to 3 minutes working time.

Furthermore, for a reliable dentin adhesion the self-etching technology is quite effective without damaging the dentin. Due to its outstanding self-etching adhesion properties CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is the perfect complement to CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS which enables excellent clinical long-term performance.

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