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Dual-cured (Chemical and/or light cure), radiopaque two-component core build-up material supplied in an automix delivery system.
CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX is a dual-curing (light-curing and self-curing) resin core build-up material which has been especially developed for dependable core build-up. Thanks to its balanced filler contents (74 wt%, 52 vol%), CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX offers excellent physical and mechanical properties. This core build-up material stands for permanent core build-up restorations involving vital as well as non-vital teeth.

Dual-curing adhesives, especially CLEARFIL DC BOND, are recommended for the reliable adhesion to tooth structures. After light-curing, self-curing catalysts of CLEARFIL DC BOND accelerate the polymerization speed of CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX from the adhesion layer. The self-curing system also reduces polymerization stress of the resin core material on the tooth boundary.

After dual-curing, CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX can be prepared like dentin. It is radiopaque and does not adhere to instruments thanks to its special formula. A compressive strength of 296 MPa (dual-curing) / 293 MPa (self-curing) makes CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX the ideal material for small and large core build-ups.

CLEARFIL DC CORE AUTOMIX can be used for core build-ups after the insertion of a post with PANAVIA F 2.0.

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